Komposisi dan Struktur Kebun Buah di Desa Kiram, Kecamatan Karang Intan, Kabupaten Banjar

Hafizianor Hafizianor, Rosi Rosi


Dukuh is a community forest system, the community forestry, developed by the Banjar community in District of Banjar-South Kalimantan. Dukuh, fruit island, is a area dominantly overgrown by the kind of fruit plant. The existence of dukuh has existed for a long time. The purpose of this research was to analyze the composition and structure of dukuh in Kiram village, Karang Intan Sub district, District of Banjar. The 10 m x 20 m vegetation observation plot was placed in seven locations. The species, number, height, diameter and growth type of trees are recorded. The resulting data was analyzed for the important value indexes of each plant. The results of the research showedthat species of seedlings, saplings, poles, and 10 trees of growth type found were 5, 13, 7, and 5 respectively found on seven plots observed. Overall in the dukuh found the number of plants for seedling, sapling, pole, and tree were 13, 79, 33, and 25 respectively. Durio is dominant tree on dukuh of Kiram village. 

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